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April 10, 2013


Cardinals DE, Calais Campbell Interview

by Max Strauss

Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman, Calais Campbell is all about giving back to the community. After graduating from the University of Miami in 2007, his red-shirt junior season, he decided to leave for the NFL. He was selected in the 2nd round, 50th overall in the 2008 NFL Draft by the Cardinals. He has been very productive on and off the field. He is currently involved in a project with the United Way where you can volunteer to lower the high school dropout rate. Check out the article for our unique interview.

*Check out Calais Campbell’s current off the field project with United Way.*

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Max Strauss : What was your favorite memory from your time at the University of Miami?

Calais Campbell : Graduating at Miami was one of the best feelings I’ve had in my life. Having my name called up on stage to receive my diploma was great. I graduated early in January, and I was with a lot of my teammates, and we definitely had a good time on stage together.

Strauss : How was it transitioning from Miami to Arizona? Was there an adjustment to the weather?

Campbell : The weather over in Arizona is somewhat similar to Miami. At the same time, it’s completely different though. It’s less humid in Arizona. It’s pretty dry here. However, when I got here, the weather was the least of the worries.

Strauss : You’ve been very successful on Special Teams throughout your career. How much of an impact has Special Teams made on your career?

Campbell : Special teams helped motivate me to work harder. I spent a lot of time my rookie season playing special teams. The funny thing is that I really didn’t play much of it in college. However, in the NFL, that’s what they asked me to do. No matter what, I want to do whatever I can to help the team to win.

Strauss : Off of the field, you have given back to the community a lot, and you have also accomplished a lot. Tell me about what you do off of the field.

Campbell : I have big goals for myself, off-the-field. I am blessed to be able to be in an opportunity to give back. I know that there are many families going through tough situations and sometimes, in a terrible household. My childhood was not as bad as some of these kids.

Strauss : What are your plans to help these kids?

Campbell : I want to present opportunities to these younger people and help grow them as individuals. I really want to help kids. There is a statistic that one out of four kids do not graduate high school. I want to show these kids that you can graduate high school, and that there is an importance to education.

Strauss : Tell me about the United Way Program you are involved in currently…

Campbell : The United Way approached me about a program that they partnered with the NFL to get volunteers to sign up. I try to influence people in a lot of different ways. The way that it works is that every team has a United Way Representative who tries to get people to sign up. It is a really cool idea because it is fun and there is competition among the NFL players participating. On top of that, it is also for a good cause. I encourage you to sign up, and impact someone’s life.

Strauss : What’s the best advice you can give someone who wants to pursue make the NFL?

Campbell : The biggest advice I can give someone is to have a Plan B or backup plan because football might not work out. I would also say to keep working hard and harder than anyone else. You got to want to be the best and that means that you have to run the most that you have to be in the weight room the most. But besides having to work hard, you have to make sure your grades stay good because then, nothing can take away from you and football. Everything has to be done the right way.


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  1. Apr 10 2013

    I might sign up for his team.. depending what other players are out there!!


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