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August 1, 2012

Detroit Lions S, Don Carey Video Interview via Skype

by Max Strauss

My first ever interview, Don Carey, becomes our first ever Skype interview for Pro Interviews! Make sure you check it out, and go ahead and give our video a view. I also transcribed it, in-case you wanted to read the interview instead of just watch it. Don Carey grew up a Lions fan in Michigan, and in just about five games (including the playoffs) with the Detroit Lions last year, Don Carey racked up twelve tackles, and had one pass deflections. Make sure you check out our interview.

Strauss : It’s Max Strauss here with I want to welcome and introduce you to the first ever Skype interview with Don Carey. Don was actually the first ever interview for Pro Interviews when he was a member of the Jaguars. Now, as you can see by his shirt, he is with the Detroit Lions. Carey is actually the safety of the Detroit Lions, earned Special Teams Player of the Week last year, but he actually wasn’t part of the Lions Week 1 roster. What was it like not being on an opening game-day roster during Week 1 of the regular season? 

Don Carey : It was tough. I have been playing football for so many years, basically since I was six years old. Being on the couch during that opening day really put things into perspective. It really made me think about a lot. I was blessed to get the chance to come back and play again, and make the most of the experience.

Strauss : You got to sign with the Detroit Lions, what was it like to return home and to a team you grew up of?

Carey : That was nice. To be able to come back up here and see family that I had not seen most of these people since I was fourteen years old. I got a lot of time to catch up with the family. Then, I got to play on a team that I watched every single year since I was little. It’s two dreams that have come true.

Strauss : Who was your favorite Lions player growing up?

Carey : Barry [Sanders]… What!! That’s not even a question. Barry Sanders. He was the best. 

Strauss : Who do you think on that Lions team was the most underrated?

Carey : It was kind of hard to say who was the most underrated when all the attention was on Barry Sanders. I kind of liked Herman Moore at the Wide Receiver spot. Clearly, all the attention was on Barry, and it was at all times, so it’s kind-of hard to really tell.

Strauss : You got to grow up watching the Lions. You got to play with the Lions. What was your favorite moment with the Lions last season?

Carey : It was the first game that I played. I got a chance to get in and show them what I was made of. I earned the Special Teams Player of the Game, and I still have the game ball with me. I made a statement, and made a good impression on the team, and I’m looking to build on that this year.

Strauss : What was it like to know right from your first game that you were successful at Special Teams and to know that you could build on that?

Carey : It felt good to get back into the swing of things and to be out there into the swing of things. It didn’t feel awkward or anything. I always have confidence in myself when I go out there to play. It just felt good to be back out there.

Strauss : The Lions season ended in the playoffs. What was that like for you?

Carey : That playoff experience… There is nothing like it. That beats any regular season game hands-down. We have to make it back this year. We are going to do what it takes to get there too.

Strauss : Your second real offseason, what was the training like for you? And, not having to deal with the lockout too, how much has it helped you grow as a player?

Carey : Just being in the league year-after-year, you get a routine down. You figure out what works and what doesn’t. Going into my fourth year, and with a few extra weeks because of the new CBA, I really had time to go home and see the family back in Virginia. I had a chance to see my sisters, my nieces and nephews, and my aunties. I always go down and train in Miami, Florida, at Pete Bommarito Performance Sports, a couple of months before OTAs start. I go back once OTAs begin. I got a little regiment going on here.

Strauss : Do you have any major expectations during Training Camp?

Carey : To make the roster. First and foremost, I have to make sure I’m on the team and I hope to help them out whichever way that I can. I will help out at Safety, Special Teams. I could care less as long as I’m contributing.

Strauss : Most players last three and a half years in the league. That’s the league average. How do you think that you’ll be able to last longer than that? What separates you from the average?

Carey : I’m good at staying healthy. I am very intelligent, and I am very versatile. I can play multiple positions, safety, nickel, corner. I just got to stay on top of my game, stay diligent, and stay level-headed, and do what I got to do when it comes down to it.

Strauss : I can’t help but notice the Nike logo on your shirt, what do you think of the new NFL uniforms?

Carey : They’re nice. I can’t wait to put them on. They fit a lot like the jerseys down in Jacksonville which I love that. They are super tight. We are going to need help putting them on though. They are going to be small. I can show you my Jacksonville jersey now, and my Lions jersey last year. It’s like a XXL compared to a Medium.

Strauss : Haha. That’s funny. What’s the most important thing for you, besides making the roster, but for you to work on to help better you game?

Carey : I need to get a better understanding of the playbook. When I came here, I played a lot of cornerback last year. I didn’t play much safety due to injuries. Now I’m back at my Safety spot, so I really got to get back in that playbook and really learn it from another position. That’s the first thing, basically playing without thinking.

Strauss : Is there anything you want to tell Detroit Lions fans that we should know about you or that you want to say?

Carey : I love you all out there. You are the best fans out there. I love this city, and I’m glad to be back home. We are going to give you all a show this year. We’ll give you something to watch.

Strauss : Thank you so much for your time Don! I really appreciate it.

Carey : Thank you bro.


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