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June 9, 2011


Blog NUKE by Austen Lane

by Austen Lane

Austen Lane wrote his first blog, and called it a Blog NUKE! Lane played collegiately, for the Murray State Riders, and was drafted to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2010. He is one of their better run defenders on the defensive line. AL is known for his humor and sarcasm on twitter. He writes his first article with the fans in mind. Make sure you check out our interview if you want some background information. I’m sure you’ll have a good laugh reading this. I had more than one!

I want to welcome everyone to my blog. This blog was specifically set up for the fans that wanted me to take my twitter bombs one step further. Unlike twitter this blog will have unlimited words, unlimited topics which will of course lead to unlimited #awesomeness. Just know that I created this blog with the fans in mind so please feel free to comment or ask anything you want. I want this to be the fans’ blog as much as it is mine.

I know a lot of you (including me) are concerned with the lockout out and I’m sure you have a lot of questions. Let me start this blog off by talking lockout so it doesn’t have to get brought up again. Here’s what is going to happen with the lockout: I DON’T KNOW… That’s all I can say at this time. I’d love to get into legal side of it but unfortunately I save that for the sweet old lady I see every Thursday at Publix.

Workouts are going great, Kampman has been a Mr. Miyagi for us in our training. The dude is wise beyond his years, and I’m thankful we have him in our corner. Today we had a team workout which was open to the media. I know the biggest question right now is our D Line…. More specifically… Is Larry Hart is going to realize that he missed the trend by a full year and shave his Mohawk? I asked Larry about it but he declined a statement. It is a story that will be interesting to watch develop. Another surprise was seeing Blaine Gabbert, I didn’t get to watch him throw but I will say this. I’m officially off the “Sunshine” bandwagon. I just didn’t see it in him… I might be starting up the “Joe Kane” bandwagon but that will be a small wagon, seeing how many of you will not understand that reference. So get those tickets while you can.   I want to give a big shout out to MTV for officially being dead to me! Twilight beat out Inception at the MTV Movie awards? Not only do they know nothing about Music (What is left of it on that channel), T.V. (Jersey Shore, 16&Pregnant?…spare me) but they felt the need to go for the Trifecta and throw movies in that mix making them the worst channel on my Comcast lineup. Big ups to the Soap network moving up to second worst. Last on a more serious note father’s day is coming up…Want to show that dad just how much he has wronged you over the years? I suggest The Nickleback DVD Collectors box. You can purchase it on or any palce where low-budget, debatable films are sold. I hope everyone has a great weekend and remember to always keep it classy.

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  1. JENNY
    Jun 9 2011

    ba ha ha ha. I’m still on the sunshine bandwagon…

  2. Jun 9 2011

    This is going to be fun!

  3. Edward
    Jun 9 2011

    Nice first Blog Nuke. I wonder if this will get you some big ups on ESPN’s(Paul Kahursky’s) twitter list.
    Let us know how the rookies are doing. Are you guys doing any experimenting with making players switch positions and etc? That would be interesting to see. See if Larry could play some SLB and etc.

  4. Tiffy
    Jun 9 2011

    Must say the last two paragraphs got a laugh out of me. I love the sarcasm.

  5. Jun 10 2011

    Huge fan, Austen, great job – I already know you are extremely funny and entertaining from twitter, but glad you have a bigger (size of post wise) forum here.

    BTW, as a huge Jags fan in Jacksonville, I wonder if you might follow the fairly new tradition that some players have started of hosting a “bowling night” or “movie night”? Donovan Darius did it, MSW had a few, and I know there were a couple of other guys who did it….I think an evening hanging out w/ A-Train would be a lot of fun for fans! Think about it, send me a FB msg if you want help organizing it, too.


  6. Jun 14 2011

    Joe Kane – isn’t that the quarterback in the Program?

    Dude, keep firing away. We haven’t had a smart ass Jag around here since Jurkovic.

  7. Mondo
    Jun 15 2012

    I watched last year’s Movie Awards, and I felt the exact same way when Twilight beat out The Dark Knight for best movie. Great first post! Go Jags!


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