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March 27, 2013


Revealing Adam Carriker’s March Madness Opinions

by Max Strauss

A former first round pick, current Washington Redskins defensive end, Adam Carriker is one naturally competitive athlete. He has taken this approach to almost everything he does. He approaches his off-season workouts with a desire to compete, and a desire to be recognized one day, as the best, but in the NCAA March Madness bracket. Check out his predictions by clicking onto the article.

Many professional football players would say that being competitive is just in their blood.

“I fill out a bracket ever year.” Adam Carriker said. “I really like to see how many I get right. I compete with a bunch of over people, and we like to give everyone a hard time about it. I also participate in Bowl Mania for really the same reason.”

This is from Adam Carriker’s original bracket:
Elite Eight: Miami, Indiana, Kansas, Georgetown, Ohio State, Gonzaga, Louisville, Michigan State
Final Four: Louisville, Kansas, Ohio State, Indiana
Finals: Indiana and Louisville
Champions: Louisville

Adam Carriker's Elite Eight

Upsets are something that the bracket fans love. Many people are afraid to call upsets, but it adds a little excitement to everyone’s bracket. Carriker shared his upsets, however most of his upsets didn’t go beyond the first round. “I chose Oregon beating Oklahoma State, and California beating University of Nevada Las Vegas, Iowa State University over Notre Dame, and Oklahoma over San Diego State, and Minnesota over University of California, Los Angeles.”

The Redskins defensive lineman explained that people that he was competing with gave him “a hard time” about it. They told me that “I basically used first and second seeds.” Many people use the top seeds for the Final Four, and Elite Eight, but up to the Sweet Sixteen, NCAA March Madness Brackets appear completely unpredictable.

Carriker explained his logic on how he filled out his bracket, “It’s not about predicting upsets, but predicting the right upsets. What would happen if I predicted upsets, would end up resulting in the upsets being wrong and the normal games would be wrong, and then I’m completely wrong. I tried to pick the upsets I was very confident in.” He went on, “However, I went with the team with the higher seed most of the time, because inevitably, they are going to win.”

Adam Carriker has always described himself as a fan of the underdog, but he shared why he couldn’t go out on a limb to reach for these small schools. “When I saw, Florida Gulf Coast, I didn’t even know what that was. I wouldn’t have predicted La Salle or Wichita State. Both of them are a surprise to me.”

If he had to choose an underdog to make it the championship, Carriker said, “I would choose Wichita State who dominated Pittsburgh and beat Gonzaga. Both of their first and third seeds are out of their bracket. All that would remain for them to beat is Ohio State.”

Even though he is not in control of the outcome, Adam Carriker still has the desire to be right, and a bigger desire to be recognized as the best among his friends.


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  1. Jim White
    Mar 27 2013

    I had Gonzaga winning it all this year. Shattered dreams once again

  2. Mar 27 2013

    enjoyed the article


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