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April 6, 2012


Iowa NFL Draft FS, Jordan Bernstine Interview

by Max Strauss

Jordan Bernstine played college football at the University of Iowa. He totaled 108 tackles, 1 interception, 3 tackles for loss in his entire career at Iowa. He had 30 KR for 713 yards and also compiled 83 tackles during his star-studded senior season. He is entering the 2012 NFL Draft, projected as a late-round selection or to go through undrafted. Bernstine is trying to separate himself from the other safeties in this class and has already worked out for Patriots, Eagles, 49ers, and Raiders.

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Strauss : How do you connect with your fans?

Bernstine : I connect with my fans throughout the different social networks whenever I can.  In addition, anytime I get an opportunity in person, I like to interact with the fans.  I love the fans because they also have great passion for the game.

Strauss : How did you start playing football?

Bernstine : I started playing football in the 3rd grade. My father figure, Devon Bernstine, got me interested in playing and I began to like it from there.

Strauss : What was your high school football experience like?

Bernstine : My high school experience was a great one! Although, I wish that we could have won more games in the playoffs. But I had an opportunity to be a part of Lincoln High School football turning from a joke to a very competitive football team with Coach Tom Miholavich!

Strauss : Going to high school in Des Moines, what was your recruiting experience like?

Bernstine : I actually moved to Des Moines from California, right before I started high school.  But my recruiting experience was good and looking back on it, I definitely feel confident that I made the right choice by coming to Iowa.

Strauss : What was the transition like to Iowa?

Bernstine : The transition was demanding.  The hardest part early in my college career was probably time management.  After I finally figured out how to manage time, everything started working out better.

Strauss : What was it like getting playing time during your true freshman year?

Bernstine : It was a great experience.  That first time walking out onto Kinnick Stadium in front of those great Hawkeye fans was electric.  My first play of college football was actually a penalty because I ran down on the punt team and beat the ball there and hit the returner early.  I was just so nervous and amped up.  It was great!

Strauss : How do you think playing on special teams will help you in the NFL?

Bernstine : I think it will be a huge asset for me continuing my career.  I like special teams and have played special teams my whole life, so it’s something that I feel comfortable with and I am eager to continue doing.

Strauss : What was a situation of adversity that you faced in college?

Bernstine : When I fractured/dislocated my ankle, it was probably the biggest case of adversity since I was scheduled to start.  So after that happened I had to dig deep and learn to focus on my goals and getting back to where I needed to be to play at a high level.  It’s made me a better person and athlete because I learned how to overcome.  Some people give up when it gets hard or when things aren’t going their way. However, this allowed me to know that I can get through tough circumstances.

Strauss : What was it like using 2009 as your redshirt year?

Bernstine : It was a different experience.  I rehabbed  hard and did what I had to do to get back on the field.

Strauss :  How do you think the year out of football has helped you in the long run?

Bernstine : It helped me out in the long run because I began watching a lot more film and learned more about the defense so I would be smarter on the field when I finally got back.

Strauss : What was your senior season like?

Bernstine : Senior season was a memorable experience.  Just finally getting the opportunity that I waited so long to get was great.  I worked extremely hard and just tried to help the team any way possible.

Strauss : Why do you think you were so successful this past year?

Bernstine : I spent a lot of time preparing both mentally and physically. We grew as a secondary throughout the year and began to become more comfortable as a unit

Strauss : What was your favorite hit/tackle during your time at Iowa?

Bernstine : My favorite hit was against ULM this past season.  It was on a punt return and was a pretty good shot to spring our returner for a nice return.

Strauss : What is your favorite memory from your time at Iowa?

Bernstine : When we beat #3 ranked Penn St. in a crazy and wild Kinnick Stadium with a last second field goal.  That game was pretty crazy!

Strauss : If an NFL team called you and said, “Why should we draft you?”

Bernstine : You should draft me because you would be getting a player that is willing to go out and play hard for them.  I can learn the defense and help out immediately on all special teams.  I am a physical player who has the versatility to play multiple positions if needed.  I can and will do anything asked of me for the team that gives me an opportunity.

Strauss : If a scout asked you to compare your game to in the NFL, who would you choose and why?

Bernstine : I would say I try to play like Bob Sanders.  He is an Iowa guy who played great in the NFL over the past seasons.  He loves to hit and he makes wide receivers and running backs think twice before going his way.  He’s my favorite player.

Strauss : For someone who wants to eventually make the NFL, do you have any advice for them?

Bernstine : They have to be able to handle adversity and love the game of football.  If someone does not have a passion for the game, then the hardships of college football will break them and crush that dream of playing at the next level.

Strauss : Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it!

Bernstine : I just want to say that I appreciate all the fans that continued to believe in me.  It’s been a long road and hopefully I will get a shot to continue making HawkNation and all future fans proud.  Thanks a lot!

->Here are the personal questions that Jordan Bernstine answered.<-

Strauss : If you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?

Bernstine : I’d want to meet the President of the United States.  It would be because he is in such a powerful position, and I would think that he would be interesting to be around.

Strauss : Who was your childhood star?

Bernstine : Deion Sanders because he was just such a great football player and had an even better personality.  He was always fun to watch and listen to.

Strauss : What is your favorite TV Show?

Bernstine : Prison Break was my favorite show.  It was a great series.

Strauss : What is your favorite movie of all time?

Bernstine : Step Brothers is my favorite movie.  I’m pretty easy-going and I just love to laugh.  That movie gets me every time.

Strauss : What is your favorite type of pie?

Bernstine : I actually don’t eat pie.

Strauss : What would be your last meal on earth?

Bernstine : I’d want Hot Wings at HuHot, which is actually my favorite restaurant. I’d want apple juice to drink.

Strauss : If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Bernstine : I would want to be able to control time.

Strauss : Thanks again for your time on the personal questions.

Bernstine : Thank you!


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  1. Alfred High Jr
    Apr 8 2012

    Very interesting young man, boy he would look good at pick 14 1st rd How bout dem Cowboys!! CBF 4LIFE


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