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February 17, 2012

Colts MLB, Pat Angerer Interview recapping the 2011 season

by Max Strauss

Pat Angerer entered the 2010 NFL Draft, and was drafted in the 2nd round, 63rd overall by the Indianapolis Colts. He totaled eighty-eight tackles last year, one sack, one forced fumble, and two pass breakups last year. Angerer started every game in 2011 for the Colts and finished 4th in the league with 148 tackles, 1 sack, 1 interception, 3 pass breakups, and 2 forced fumbles. Check out our interview specifically recapping the 2011 season.

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Check out a story about meeting Pat Angerer in the locker room after his 1st NFL start.

Strauss : Let’s get this started. How would you grade your season performance?

Angerer : I think I definitely improved. I don’t know about giving out a grade. I think I improved from last year. I did some good things. But, mostly we didn’t win a lot of games. We weren’t successful as a team, and I think that’s the main thing to think about.

Strauss : Knowing that Manning would possibly be out all season, did you think that you would have a 2-14 record?

Angerer : No. I thought that we would be fine. There were a lot of close games. Just to play here and there, it could mentally affect winning and losing. We were so close.

Strauss : On that note, what did you take away from this whole season?

Angerer : I think it was really cool to see guys really go hard and really stick together. You would think with a lot of teams and a lot of people that if things don’t go their expected way, it could really divide the team. I think that we really stayed together and put in all our heart. I think we are a better team because of it. It’s tough at times, but we got together, and it shows what type of people we have in the locker room.

Strauss : What was it like to change your  defensive coordinator mid-season?

Angerer : My linebacker coach ended up taking over. It actually wasn’t too big of a transition. I think he mixed it up well. I think the main thing with him was that there were no questions. Sometimes before, I thought that we didn’t always know what to do with Larry Coyer. It was based on formation, but with Murphy, we had it all covered.

Strauss : To highlight the Colts win against Tennessee, it was one of your best performances of your young career. What do you think about looking back on it?

Angerer : It was a fun game. I think it was much-needed. It kept getting kind of tough going from week-to-week losing. Finally, I feel that all the hard work just paid off for everybody. It was pretty cool. I was pretty lucky to get some plays out there. I just think it was one of the best we played in. We played with a lot of emotion. It was just one of those good games.

Strauss : Another game in particular, what was it like to sack Cam Newton?

Angerer : It really wasn’t. He was scrambling and I ran. He slipped, and I was the closest one that was there. It wasn’t that big of a play, but I’ll take that as a sack.

Strauss : Some questions about playing the game itself. Do you prefer dropping back in coverage more or going after the quarterback?

Angerer : Blitzing is obviously pretty cool. We didn’t do that much of it, but I don’t know. I don’t really mind either way, as long as I’m on the field.

Strauss : When veteran linebackers sit down and talk, they talks about how slow the game has become for them. How much has the game slowed down for you and how was your 2nd year in the NFL for you?

Angerer : It has definitely slowed down a lot. I think the key for me is that I know based on their formation that they are going to run this play or this play. You know that part of the play. When you’re younger, you don’t know this stuff and don’t know what you’re doing, and all that you try to think about it is your responsibility. Now, I can just go out there and react to the play, and kind of guess what play they’re going to run before they run it.

Strauss : You’ve faced a bunch of different teams. Who has been the toughest running back you have faced in your career so far?

Angerer : Ray Rice, Arian Foster, Maurice Jones-Drew. All of those guys are all awesome. Michael Turner is also a really good running back. We played a lot of great running backs this year. Every week, you play somebody that’s really good and is a tough guy to bring down. There are just so many good backs out there.

Strauss : What do you have to do this offseason so that you’ll lead the league in tackles next year?

Angerer : Leading the league in tackles isn’t really that great of a thing. Most of the time it’s just about the defense not being able to get off of the field. I want the offense to stay on the field. Sometimes, it’s not the greatest thing in the world, but I think any linebacker wants to suit up and make as many tackles as he can. But more importantly, they want their team to win. I’m going to just try to play just as hard next year, and hope we can do a lot better.

Strauss : What are you planning to do this offseason that will help you prepare for next year?

Angerer : I’ll work hard. I had bursa sac surgery on my knee. I had it taken out. It’s good to finally take care of that. I’ll also be on a good diet.

Strauss : Thank you so much for your time again!

Angerer : No problem man! Anytime! Keep it up with


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