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August 7, 2011


“Welcome to Florham Park!” From JetsCamp

by Max Strauss

Read an article about JetsCamp on August 7th with exclusive interviews about what my first day at JetsCamp was like. The players I interviewed for this article are Scotty McKnight, Eric Smith, Rob Turner, Emanuel Cook, Kenrick Ellis, Nick Folk, Marcus Dixon, Sione Pouha, and Head Coach Rex Ryan. Check out this article, as it’s my first of five from Florham Park, New Jersey!

This would not be possible without Dream Team Empire.

Welcome to Florham Park! The Jets are hosting practice at their facility and the weather is nothing but great. Everyone’s wondering why the Jets couldn’t head to Cortland for the weather alone this year. Today’s plans are to adjust and just plan to talk to some of the guys that I’ve already interviewed. Nothing major. I’m tweeting updates of walk-throughs and photos, but I realize my phone is basically dead for the day, so I basically conserve it for the media session quotes and for the last press conference introducing Derrick Mason and an update on Plaxico Burress. 

Some Quotes from the Player Interviews:

Scotty McKnight : @SMcKnight21 : When confronted, “It’s great to see you out here. I hope things are going well. Travels went well, we’ll get some more Q&A later.”

McKnight : When asked about a ‘frustrating question’ he’s often been asked during camp, “It’s not frustrating, but I’m often times asked about my relationship with Mark. We’re good friends, so it’s easy for me to answer, but I’m often times asked about it.”

Eric Smith : @ESmitty33 : When asked about practice, “It’s going pretty well. I’m looking forward to receiving my shirt tomorrow.”

Rob Turner : When confronted, “Nice to see you out here again.”

Turner : On what he has seen out of 3rd round pick, Kenrick Ellis… “Kenrick runs great for a big guy. He’s very athletic.”

Turner : On his toughest one-on-one matchup… “I don’t think I’ve lost any of my one-on-one matchups, but there is some great competition out there.”

Emanuel Cook : @EmanuelCook27 : When approached and asked about camp, “Camp is going great. The DB competition is fun, but I think I’m doing pretty well.”

Kenrick Ellis : @KenrickEllis : When approached about beard, “Nice seeing you here. I’ve been growing my beard out.”

Nick Folk : @NickFolk2 : When asked about the difference kicking environments between Cortland and Florham Park, “Both of the sites have their advantages. The weather plays a factor, but so do the resources that we have available for use as well. It’s tough to say which I like more.

Folk : When asked about what he’s been doing during walk-throughs, “Walking around. Stretching.”

Marcus Dixon : @MarcusDixon94 : When asked about the competition on the defensive line, “I enjoy the competition on the defensive line. We have a lot of depth, not just number wise, but talent wise too.” 

Sione Pouha : @Pouha91: Talking about the official departure of Shaun Ellis, The defensive line has been merging really well. So we’re glad with the guys that we have and are pretty much happy with the camp that we’ve had.”

Some Notes from the Rex Ryan Press Conference :

About Shaun Ellis, “He’s a tough guy and going to be missed.” 

About Wayne Hunter, “I’ve always thought for two years that he was the best backup tackle in football My challenge to him, I told him, is now work on being the best right tackle in football.”

Some Notes from the afternoon practice : 

Eric Smith and Emanuel Cook both had interceptions during practice today. Eric had one during one-on-one drills. Emanuel had one during seven-on-seven drills.

The agility and speed of Jeremy Kerley and Scotty McKnight is seen in Special Team drills.

Plaxico Burress only planned to do 1-on-1 plays, but “snuck into one 11-on-11 play.” 

Sanchez is still struggling with the ability to slide as fans shouted out after he dove on the ground after a botched play.

Jamaal Westerman is lining down on the line, and has been coming off strong and been very impressive to say the least.

Talking with Brian Baldinger of NFL Network was very cool. Hearing his opinion different matters was also very interesting. He talked highly of the competition in the AFC this year.

There were some fights that broke out, but nothing special. Taylor Boggs ended up a little bloody it seemed, but nothing major.

Some Notes from Derrick Mason Press Conference:

I am not going to say it’s an upgrade.  I think the experience is an upgrade, obviously.” He talked about the playing time, and the balance of roles for all the wide receivers. He also said, I just want to win a championship this year. I’m not looking past this year.”

Some Notes from Plaxico Burress Press Conference: 

When asked what practice was like today, I’m just happy to be here, it was my first time really getting out there running routes with a helmet and shoulder pads. I honestly just feel like I never left.”

Stay tuned for updates from Florham Park, and if you have any suggestions or questions, email

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  1. klecko
    Aug 7 2011

    Nice job, keep it up!

  2. Jeff
    Aug 8 2011

    What did you think of Greg McElroy, he completed some nice throws.I was also impressed by Chris Bryan who kicked a few punts over 60 yds.I hope Scotty McKnight makes the team,he got a lot of reps yesterday and looked great on special teams.


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