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December 13, 2010

Falcons S, Erik Coleman Interview

by Max Strauss

Erik Coleman played college football at Washington State. He entered the 2004 NFL Draft, and was selected in the 5th round by the New York Jets. He was very productive during his first three years in the league before suffering an injury. He compiled over 300 tackles in his first three years and also had 17 PBUs, and 7 interceptions. He became a member of the Falcons before the 2008 season, and was very productive. This interview was conducted during the 2010 NFL season. [UPDATE: Since the interview, he has become a member of the Detroit Lions.]

Strauss : Why do you use twitter?

Coleman : Twitter allows me to have closer interactions with our fans… It lets them see another side of me they don’t get to see watching the games on Sundays.

Strauss : What was your plan if football never worked out for you?

Coleman : I went to college thinking I was going to be an FBI agent, but if I wouldn’t have earned a scholarship to college I would definitely be a marine!

Strauss : Who was your childhood star?

Coleman : Jerry Rice! I was born in northern California and San Francisco was winning super bowls when j got into football, so it was a natural fit. Why?

Strauss : What is your favorite TV Show?

Coleman : My wife and I have a couple if favorites, “Modern Family and “The Gates”. I love comedy and vampires!

Strauss : What is your favorite type of pie?

Coleman : Coconut Cream Pie.

Strauss : What would your last meal on earth be?

Coleman : My wife’s pasta, a porterhouse steak and a glass of red wine. And, dessert would be my grandmother’s German chocolate cake.

Strauss : How long have you played football?

Coleman : I started playing flag football in the 3rd grade…

Strauss : Did you play any other sports in high school?

Coleman : In high school I played basketball, baseball and as a senior I ran track…

Strauss : What is a memory you share with a sport besides football?

Coleman : Playing basketball I got the opportunity to play against a lot of now NBA players

Strauss : What was the most important thing you learned at Washington State that has helped you in the NFL?

Coleman : I played against the best competition in the country! Shout out to the PAC-10!

Strauss : Who was your best buddy from Washington State?

Coleman : My best friend at Washington State was and is currently the Arizona Cardinals safety, Hamza Abdullah…

Strauss : What was the best memory you had with that player?

Coleman : Winning two PAC 10 titles and definitely playing in the Rose Bowl!

Strauss : What is your favorite memory from Washington State?

Coleman : Winning the PAC 10 title during my junior year was huge. But, I have a lot of great memories from playing at Wazzu!!

Strauss : What was your draft day experience like?

Coleman : It was nerve-racking and very exciting!

Strauss : When were you expecting to get drafted?

Coleman : I was expected to be a 4th or 5th round pick.

Strauss : What was going through your mind when you were drafted?

Coleman : I was drafted in the 5th round and it was amazing! A dream come true!!

Strauss : What is your favorite memory of the NFL?

Coleman : How excited I was for my first game!

Strauss : What is your favorite memory from the Jets?

Coleman : Beating San Diego in the playoffs my rookie year. It was first taste of post season play and a huge win.

Strauss : What was the hardest part of the transition between the Jets to the Falcons?

Coleman : I would say finding your fit within the team. I spent four years in New York playing a certain role and I had to re-establish myself in Atlanta… It’s been great though.

Strauss : What is your favorite memory from the Falcons?

Coleman : My favorite memory as a Falcon was surprising everyone outside our organization and making the playoffs.

Strauss : Do you have a nickname?

Coleman : I have several; EC, E Cole, Eazy, and my favorite Hubby (from my wife of course). I get a new nickname on every team I go to.

Strauss : What is your favorite charity?

Coleman : After School All Stars. They help keep kids out of trouble, while teaching them responsibility and things they can use when they are adults.

Strauss : Why should people donate?

Coleman : The kids are the future… You should always donate, if not money, time. There is always someone who is worse off than you.

Strauss : If you could describe yourself as any ice cream flavor, what would you be and why?

Coleman : Rocky Road! I’m as smooth as chocolate,I’m little nuts, but I have a soft side to me. Lol

Strauss : What is your favorite quote?

Coleman : “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.”

Strauss : For someone aspiring to play in the NFL, what’s the best advice you can give?

Coleman : First of all, always believe in yourself. Outwork everyone and have a back up plan… That’s advice for whatever you want to do in life.

Strauss : Is there anything you want to tell your fans that I have not asked?

Coleman : I am living a dream! I am truly blessed and I love my family!!

Strauss : Thank you for your time!!

Coleman : The pleasure was all mine! Good luck bro!


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